Small rules to follow for those who want to use our service


The brief presentation of the project can be viewed in the home “index”, it is clear that our intent is to be useful for those who wish deepen the ipv6 protocol and enjoy its benefits. It is used in the field of local network “house” or office “Business plain”. For it, we prefer to be clear and explicit about our policies. If the end-user believes that is too restrictive for its intent, we are glad of his interest but we suggest migration, to another service! We want to have users who make use of our service, and that learn a direct benefit. The our vantage is the great satisfaction to provide a useful service. Passion that drives us to say: better few but good!


– The subscription to our service is exclusively with form. All requests processed outside of the module will not be consideration! – The request by form is sent to our servers and will be taken definitely charge. The response times are from 1h to 24h, up to a maximum of 72h. If you do not have answer in this time limit, please rephrase the request! – We are human and not robots! Leave us the time to answer It is forbidden to process random requests and in a short time. If you don’t respect this, we will be forced to use the Ban-list to avoid ip/address/hostnme/domain. – Requests should be formulated in according to the final address “your”. We can provide IPv6 in more ways. It should specify the type of destination which includes: – Static ip address
NOTE: Omission of the parameters * in the module means black-list.


– You can request ::/128 or subnet ::/80… In this case the tunnel is directed by pop and endpoint. – They are applied to all the previous rules


We can supply all previous and only for request native subnet ::/48 with
RIPE announcement on our Networks and DNS record. It is a our pleasure for cooperation.
In the specific case we are happy to receive a monthly cost to help
support the project.

Final considerations for the use of the offered service

6project is born from the encounter of people with similar interests on IRCnet network and all our subnet have access to this service. The i-line or access to OPEN server is related to the type of address/subnet assigned but our subnet are not primarily designed for this, not allowed abuse through them. At any time and without notice, we reserve the right to discontinue the service without further explanation. We want that they are in many to enjoy the quality of IPv6 but we can not tolerate who break the our rules.

Good IPv6 at ALL!

How can I help you?