Request IPv6

Only global domain e-Mail allowed (es., all public e-Mail services are not allowed (es. HotMail, Gmail, Yandex, AoL ecc..)
*you can request IPv6 block ::/128 or ::/80 with a little donation one-time at 6Project for a greater personal incentive to always give the best!

BGP Session

If you do not have your own ASN, that’s ok!

6Project support BGP sessions for IPv6 throughout our route servers.

We will be able to announce your IP space on our ASN (AS208753) via Hurricane Electric with FREE transit of 100MB/s, and  routed to your server.

BGP announcement of your own IP space is available on any of the servers in our map.

For more information about our network, see our Network Page

If you have any other questions about BGP / IP announcements, how we provision our network, or looking for something custom, payments, fees ecc.. contact us.