6project Network Status

as of Sunday, 23 June 2024, 19:20:01

** - Update to 12 Oct 2021, 17:12:40 - **

it_flag POP Rome, Italy will come ONLINE

germany_flag POP Frankfurt, Germany is ONLINE

austria_flag POP Vienna, Austria is ONLINE

usa_flag POP Bradford, WY, UK is in ONLINE

usa_flag POP Las Vegas, NV, USA is in ONLINE

usa_flag POP Wuhan, CN is in ONLINE

All Certificates on POP DE are restored.

All Certificates on POP AT are restored.

All Certificates on POP US are restored.

All Certificates on POP IT are restored.

We are working on the routing of our new PoP in Wuhan, China.

will be accepting new connections soon!

For any info or suggests you can write at:

[email protected]



Web ServerOnline
Mail ServerOffline
AS208753 - KleyReX IX RouterOffline
AS208753 - LocIX IX RouterOffline
AS208753 - Manchester IX RouterOffline
AS208753 - Wuhan IX RouterOffline
6Project - SEABONE Core RouterOffline
6Project - M&M Core RouterOffline
6Project - Navice Consulting Core RouterOffline
6Project - NETSIX Core RouterOffline
6Project - Frantech Core RouterOffline
6Project - Dahuamao Information Technology Core RouterOffline
6Project - POP Vienna IPv6Offline
6Project - POP Frankfurt IPv6Offline
6Project - POP Bradford IPv6Offline
6Project - POP Rome IPv6Offline
6Project - POP Las Vegas IPv6Offline
6Project - POP Wuhan IPv6Offline

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